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2019/2020 Tryout Dates

Millennium Field, 5900 Baptist Rd, Bethel Park
Cupples Stadium, 9th and Carson St, Pgh
Village Green, 5000 Alicia Dr., Bethel Park
St. Simon and Jude, 1600 Greentree Rd, Pgh
Brentwood Park, 3601 Brownsville Rd, Pgh

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Girls Tryouts

 Girls 201029-May6:00-7:15Millennium Field
31-May6:00-7:15Millennium Field
 5-June 7:00-8:30St. Simon and Jude
 Girls 200929-May6:00-7:15Millennium Field
31-May6:00-7:15Millennium Field
7:00-8:30St. Simon and Jude
 Girls 20083-June6:00-7:30 Millennium Field
5-June6:00-7:30 Millennium Field
7-June6:00-7:30 Millennium Field
 Girls 20075-June6:00-7:30 Millennium Field
6-June7:00-8:30St. Simon and Jude
 Girls 20064-June 6:00-7:30Cupples Stadium
6-June6:00-7:30Cupples Stadium
 Girls 20054-June6:00-7:30Cupples Stadium
6-June 6:00-7:30Cupples Stadium
 Girls 20045-June7:30-9:00Millennium Field
Brentwood Stadium
 Girls 20034-June7:30-9:00
Cupples Stadium 
5-June 7:30-9:00 Millennium Field
 Girls 20024-June7:30-9:00 Cupples Stadium 
6-June7:30-9:00 Cupples Stadium 
 Girls 20013-June7:30-9:00 Millennium Field 
8-June4:00-5:30 Village Green


Boys Tryouts

Boys 201029-May6:00-7:15Millennium Field
31-May6:00-7:15Millennium Field
 5-June7:00-8:30St. Simon and Jude
Boys 200929-May6:00-7:15Millennium Field
31-May6:00-7:15Millennium Field
 5-June7:00-8:30St. Simon and Jude
Boys 20083-June6:00-7:30Millennium Field
4-June7:00-8:30St. Simon and Jude
7-June6:00-7:30Millennium Field
Boys 20074-June7:00-8:30St. Simon and Jude
5-June6:00-7:30Millennium Field
Boys 20065-June7:30-9:00Cupples Stadium
6-June7:30-9:00Cupples Stadium
Boys 20055-June6:00-7:30Cupples Stadium
7-June7:30-9:00Millennium Field
Boys 20043-June7:30-9:00St. Simon and Jude
Millennium Field
Boys 20035-June6:00-7:30
Cupples Stadium
6-June7:00-8:30Brentwood Park
Boys 20024-June7:00-8:30Brentwood Park
5-June7:30-9:00Cupples Stadium
Boys 20014-June7:00-8:30Brentwood Park
8-June4:00-5:30Village Green


Updated: 6/3/2019

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